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Mama Stitches has a permanent place on my bookshelf. Children’s books always contain important messages for our youth, but seldom has one used the often-challenging realities of a modern American city so successfully in driving that message home. What a wonderful – and powerful – lesson for our children! I am so proud to know Akintunde Sogunro, having been his classmate at New Britain High School, and the entire City joins me in congratulating him on this beautiful storybook.


Mayor Erin E. Stewart

City of New Britain, Connecticut

In the delightful Mama Stitches, Akintunde Sogunro combines the soul of a poet and the imaginative lilt and cadence on of a gifted story teller. The “message of hope and love up and down and all around” that Mama creates is needed in our world which threatens to blot out joy and silence song. I look forward to sharing this insightful and lively book with my five grandchildren to give them not only the pleasure of carefully crafted language but also remind them of how and why love binds us. Sogunro’s debut book is not only entertaining but significant. I can’t wait to read more about the adventures of Mama Stitches.


Vivian Shipley

Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Southern Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor of Poetry

A heartfelt story that your child must read. Bringing love into a visual way of understanding what's most important in life. Love and helping others.Award winning children's author/tv host


Catherine Gibson

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Akintunde Sogunro "Tunde" is the director and producer of the award winning inspirational documentary film, "Victory". He is excited to be pursuing a careerliving out his childhood dream by publishing the first book in the "Mama Stitches" series.He received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in theater at Southern Connecticut State University in 2011, and is currently an MFA in creative and professional writing candidate at Western Connecticut State University. A native of Lagos, Nigeria who spent eight years living in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Akintunde now resides in New Britain, Connecticut where he spends time spreading Mama Stitches story of hope and love up and down all around his community.

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